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Laminating machines uses to protect the important and frequently used documents and this is the main reason it is in use of some small companies and major corporations. These machines can help you to save money by eliminating the need to recopy and reprinting of documents. To get the best quality machine one need to choose the best store to purchase the quality cold laminating machine.


It is a very helpful and necessary machine for all those companies that use to print ID cards, maps or menus on a regular basis. Even there are companies who use to produce the VIP passes and backstage pass whether for concerts or any kind of sporting and other events. There are also some benefits of using such machines when you are running a business to earn a profit.

Benefits of using cold laminating machines

When you are going to choose any cold laminating machine for you to add some ease to your regular work, you are actually enabling some benefits too with that.

  • The machine is capable of getting your job done at a decent speed and also it takes the lower time to set up. So, in that case, you do not have to wait for the machine to warm up and you can get the job done faster than the hot laminating machines.
  • Whether you are an experienced person or not, you can handle the machine with ease and in a convenient way.
  • You are working in safety because there is no chance to get hurt or burnt due to high temperature and also the machine needs the lower maintenance as compared to the hot laminating machines.
  • The final result is better than the other laminating machines because there is no chance to get the bubbles, curling or waves in the printing.calandra-caldo-freddo-420x420_0

    In this cold laminating machine, you are getting all the equipment with advanced technology which means you are getting the best way to complete the work in a proper way. If you are looking for the genuine store to make the purchase from then you can choose Keygadgets. They are the leading online store and you are likely to get the entire genuine quality product from their store.

    You can visit this website keygadgets.it to get all the needed details about them and the products they use to sell from their store in the online market.


Looking for a pad printing kit? – We are here!

In this modern age, everything is turning them with the ultimate advancement; pad printing kits are the best example for that. It is the modern printing process and that can also be used to transfer 2D images to all sorts of 3D objects. If you own any printing company, then this pad printing kit will be perfect your business because it has some attractive features, which will be helpful for you.


Let’s know the features of this kit

This special kit includes an exposure unit which also has a necessary UV lamp on it for engraving the pad printing plates in photopolymer. You will get an additional DVD with it which will be for your video training with step by step explanations. The normal kits which are included in the list are….

  • Manual pad printing kit with hermetically closed ink cup and the ceramic ring.
  • Exposure unit with additional UV lamp on it.
  • Starter kit made with 2 pad printing inks, 250 grams of black and 250 grams of white ink with it.
  • 1 pad of 35 mm.
  • 1 DVD for the pad printing lesson.
  • 1 brush for the developing film.These are the normal kit feature and if you are going to purchase the super kit then you will get the extra advanced feature with your system, like you are going to get the 4 more starter inks of 250 grams pack along with the black and white ink and also you will get 3 pads in different sizes to print all your requirements.

    Whom to choose to get this product?

    If you are going to purchase a pad printing kit from online, then you can choose the renowned web-store in this online market, keygadgets.it to get the best quality product in your hand in a very short period of time. They can be found by visiting this website keygadgets.it and you can get all the information you need to know about them and the services they use to provide from their store.

    You can check the testimonials of their other customers who had got the service from them earlier or still getting the service from them. Now you can stop roaming the fake websites and get directed to the professionals’ website to place your order and get the assured delivery of your product on your doorsteps in a very short time span.

Breathtaking Features of the New Pad Printing Press

Pad printing is a modern printing technique used to turn the 2D design and images into 3D on a hard surface like metal plates. It is the best form of gravure printing and can be done on any type of surface no matter if it is flat or not.

Lots of cheap pad printing press is available in the market to be used by the people. But, if you want the best work then you should go for the most advance one.  The latest pad printing kit involves all the necessary items require a great design or picture.


You just have to select the right company to buy it, that’s all. Let me tell you about one such pad printing kit that is gaining huge popularity among the people, nowadays.

Latest features of the pad printing press

The quality of the printing machine is nothing to do with the price. There are lots of companies in the market from where you can buy quality yet cheap pad printing press. Just choose the company wisely.

Some of the latest features and items that you are going to get in the pad printing kit are:-

For normal kit

  • Manual Pad printing machine with hermetical closed ink cup and ceramipad printing headc ring
  • Exposure unit with UV lamps
  • Starter kit made with: 2 pad-printing inks 250 gr. white – 250 gr. black
  • 2 Plates HR type red, size 100x200mm
  • 1 Pad 35mm
  • DVD Video pad printing lesson
  • 1 Brush for the developing film
  • 1 Screen yeld for the developing filmAnd for the advance kit, you are going to get more than that. Just visit a store to find out the secret yourself. But, while selecting a company for the purchase of such products, it will be better if you check the reputation of the company. Ask their previous customers to know about the quality of their products. Let me help you out with the company selection process.


    Here is the source of best company

    One of the best places to look for a company to buy cheap pad printing press is online websites. One such online company is Keygadgets. You can contact them through their online website keygadgets.it/en. They sell various other kinds of products like cold laminator, paper cutter, etc. If you want to know more about such products, you can also check various online articles for more information.

Preserving documents become more convenient with cold laminating

Preserving valuable documents is one of the prime concern and responsibility of individuals. Bringing any harm to the elements could make them face serious consequences. One of the best and highly relied on a method of preservation is lamination. The initiative of getting the documents laminated is for protecting them from any inadvertent damage. Hence, the centres rendering the service must make a wise selection. They must select the suitable form of laminating machine. Basically two major forms of laminate are popular in the UK – hot lamination and cold lamination. Although both the methods are effective, but the demand for cold laminating in the UK is increasing.

This is due to its interesting features and the method of application. Are you interested to know more about the element? This article is the apt place for getting detailed information. Reading the following pages could provide a definite answer to the queries.


The difference between hot laminating and cold laminating machine

Prior to skipping over to its advantages, let us understand the line of difference between the techniques.

The difference can be explained from their titles. A hot laminating machine uses the property of heating as an adhesive material. It is used for binding to the surface of the document. One of the drawbacks of the method is the rise in temperature. It may increase up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, causing damage to the document.

On the contrary, the cold laminating process uses the application of pressure and adhesive. The combination is used for sandwiching the documents in between the sheets of adhesive film. This is considered to be quite safer and better alternative.


The key benefits of using cold laminating

Let’s have a look at the key advantages of using the cold laminating machine in the UK:

  • One of the major advantages is the setup time which is faster than its alternative. The task gets easily completed at a decent speed.
  • The process of lamination is quite safer as it protects each and every paper promptly. It is the best alternative for protecting the elements that are sensitive to heat.
  • It is easier to operate and is quite relevant to be handled even by a person new to the field. In fact, it’s lower maintenance property makes it a hit among the centres.
  • It is safer in terms of security as it elements any sort of risk or injury caused due to the heating process.

laminatrice-elettrica-1600-820x820_0 (1).pngWhere to visit for making a purchase for the machine?

There is a huge demand for the cold laminating in the UK. These are used in various businesses and centres. But, for gaining a genuine quality product make the purchase from a genuine supplier. The online store ‘Keygadgets’ is one of the leading suppliers of the machine in the country. They have been in the printing industry for several decades. Their rates are the lowest to be found at the market. Visit www.keygadgets.it/en for selecting from the wide range of products available at their store.

Major Differences between the Cold and Hot Laminator Machine

Since the invention of laminators, people are using it to protect their important documents and papers. Even the memories that are captured in the form of photos can be preserved using the lamination machines.

But nowadays, two different types of laminator machines are available in the market. The first one is the cold laminator machine and the second one is the hot laminator machine. Each of them has their special place in the lamination world.

But, people have confusions in their mind that both of them are same. Their working purpose may be same to some extent but there is still a great difference present between them. Let us summarise about those differences about the two types of laminators here.


Difference between the cold and hot laminator machines

Hot laminator machines use the heat and pressure to laminate the documents. The document which needs to be laminated is placed between the lamination sheets and then put inside the machine. The machine runs on 300° C and sticks the lamination paper on the document from both sides. After the paper cools down the process is completed.
The Cold lamination does not follow such rule. In this lamination process, a paper that has adhesive on one side and plane structure on other is used. The important document is placed inside the lamination sheet and it is then put inside the laminator machine. The only pressure is used by the machine to stick the lamination sheet on the document from both sides.

Why is cold one considered better?

Hot lamination cannot be used on all types of documents. Many papers are not heat resistant and get damaged due to excessive heat like the inkjet ink. So, on such types of paper, cold laminator machine is used. It does not use heat, so there is no need to worry about the damaging of the paper. It can be used on all types of documents and papers.


Company to sell such products

One of the best ways to look for a company that sells cold laminator machine is online websites. One such online company to sell quality products is Keygadgets. They sell the famous Cold Laminator 1400mm K-LAM1400 made in Italy. It is very easy to use and compact to install in the house. They also sell products like pad printing kit, paper cutter, etc. If you have any more queries, you can also check various online articles for more information.

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