Ultimate Guide for the Full Process of Screen Printing

Screen Printing is becoming very popular in the UK in recent times. Many people are using this technique to design their own clothes, furniture, paper, etc. It is helping people to start their own printing business while many are using it just for fun.

Whatever the reason may be for your buying of the screen printing kit in UK, it is important that you know the process of printing with this kit. Otherwise, there will be no use of this machine in your house except for a showpiece. It may seem a little complicated at first, but once you understand the full process it will become just like a child’s play.


You can work like a professional designer using this printing kit once you learn about the full procedure.

Full process of the screen printing

The first step to creating a print is to place the screen properly on a dry paper or the fabric whatever materials you are planning to print on. You have to create the right design first. An art knife, multiple blades scalpel, etc will be help full in achieving a perfect design.

After you have done with the designing use the blotted pen to block the part which is not to be printed. Then spread the ink on the surface and use the special screen printing frame to hold the screen in the right place which is mostly provided with the screen printing kit in UK. You can also use tape, clips, etc for the same purpose if you do not have the frame.


Once all the above steps are completed, you have to cure the ink. You can use a flash dryer, textile dryer and a drying board for curing the ink. Clean the excess ink with the fabric brush present in the kit. For instant drying of the ink, you can apply some heat to the ink but be careful about it. You can use a flash bulb to check minutest details. And thus the process will be complicated.

Your screen printing kit will contain all the necessary materials required for the screen printing.


Best place to buy such products

One of the best places to buy a screen printing kit in UK is online websites. One such online company is Keygadgets. You can contact them through their online website keygadgets.it. They sell various other kinds of gadgets like cold laminator, paper cutter, etc. To know more, check other online articles also.


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