Looking for a pad printing kit? – We are here!

In this modern age, everything is turning them with the ultimate advancement; pad printing kits are the best example for that. It is the modern printing process and that can also be used to transfer 2D images to all sorts of 3D objects. If you own any printing company, then this pad printing kit will be perfect your business because it has some attractive features, which will be helpful for you.


Let’s know the features of this kit

This special kit includes an exposure unit which also has a necessary UV lamp on it for engraving the pad printing plates in photopolymer. You will get an additional DVD with it which will be for your video training with step by step explanations. The normal kits which are included in the list are….

  • Manual pad printing kit with hermetically closed ink cup and the ceramic ring.
  • Exposure unit with additional UV lamp on it.
  • Starter kit made with 2 pad printing inks, 250 grams of black and 250 grams of white ink with it.
  • 1 pad of 35 mm.
  • 1 DVD for the pad printing lesson.
  • 1 brush for the developing film.These are the normal kit feature and if you are going to purchase the super kit then you will get the extra advanced feature with your system, like you are going to get the 4 more starter inks of 250 grams pack along with the black and white ink and also you will get 3 pads in different sizes to print all your requirements.

    Whom to choose to get this product?

    If you are going to purchase a pad printing kit from online, then you can choose the renowned web-store in this online market, keygadgets.it to get the best quality product in your hand in a very short period of time. They can be found by visiting this website keygadgets.it and you can get all the information you need to know about them and the services they use to provide from their store.

    You can check the testimonials of their other customers who had got the service from them earlier or still getting the service from them. Now you can stop roaming the fake websites and get directed to the professionals’ website to place your order and get the assured delivery of your product on your doorsteps in a very short time span.


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