Major Differences between the Cold and Hot Laminator Machine

Since the invention of laminators, people are using it to protect their important documents and papers. Even the memories that are captured in the form of photos can be preserved using the lamination machines.

But nowadays, two different types of laminator machines are available in the market. The first one is the cold laminator machine and the second one is the hot laminator machine. Each of them has their special place in the lamination world.

But, people have confusions in their mind that both of them are same. Their working purpose may be same to some extent but there is still a great difference present between them. Let us summarise about those differences about the two types of laminators here.


Difference between the cold and hot laminator machines

Hot laminator machines use the heat and pressure to laminate the documents. The document which needs to be laminated is placed between the lamination sheets and then put inside the machine. The machine runs on 300° C and sticks the lamination paper on the document from both sides. After the paper cools down the process is completed.
The Cold lamination does not follow such rule. In this lamination process, a paper that has adhesive on one side and plane structure on other is used. The important document is placed inside the lamination sheet and it is then put inside the laminator machine. The only pressure is used by the machine to stick the lamination sheet on the document from both sides.

Why is cold one considered better?

Hot lamination cannot be used on all types of documents. Many papers are not heat resistant and get damaged due to excessive heat like the inkjet ink. So, on such types of paper, cold laminator machine is used. It does not use heat, so there is no need to worry about the damaging of the paper. It can be used on all types of documents and papers.


Company to sell such products

One of the best ways to look for a company that sells cold laminator machine is online websites. One such online company to sell quality products is Keygadgets. They sell the famous Cold Laminator 1400mm K-LAM1400 made in Italy. It is very easy to use and compact to install in the house. They also sell products like pad printing kit, paper cutter, etc. If you have any more queries, you can also check various online articles for more information.


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